Captain Marvel 3D Full HD 2019

Captain Marvel 3D Full HD 2019

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    Fantasy SBS
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    2h 3 min
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  • Producer:
    Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
Cast - Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Jude Law, Annette Bening, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace, Lashana Lynch, Gemma Chan, Clark Gregg, Rune Temte, Algenis Perez Soto, Mckenna Grace, Akira Akbar, Matthew Maher

Film 3d sbs description

In the movie Captain Marvel 3d sbs, a female soldier is an unusual role for people. Carol Danvers has lived in this apmlua for almost her entire life. From an early age, her military father taught her that it would be very difficult to achieve anything in life. Choosing the path of her father, Carol began to work hard on her military career. Carrying out the orders of the command with great zeal and getting an excellent result, the success of the female soldier was obvious. She was able to perform any, even the most difficult tasks, which the other men could not do.

However, not all of the secret missions went unnoticed for Carol. On one of these tasks, namely, on the task of removing a super-powerful Kree psychomagnetic device, an explosion occurred. Strange changes begin to occur with the girl. All subsequent events led to the fact that there was no trace of the invisible remnants of the female essence. Slowly, she began to transform into a super-powerful super-soldier. These facts quickly became known to the director of the secret organization Shield-Nick Fury, who offered the girl what she lacked. It is this meeting that will make a successful soldier a national heroine. What kind of fights will a female soldier face?

Info Blu Ray half sbs 1920*1080p

Video: x264 abr @ 15.5 Mb/s
Resolution: 1920*1080px @ 16:9
Video Framerate: 23.976 fps
Audio: English, Italian, Spanish: MLP FBA 16-ch @ 5128kb/s
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