Get Him To The Greek 3D SBS 2010

Get Him To The Greek 3D SBS 2010

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    7.26 GB
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    Comedy SBS
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    1h 49 min
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  • Producer:
    Nicholas Stoller

Film 3D sbs description

Aron Greenberg finally landed his dream job, but little did he know that his first assignment would involve escorting a rebellious rock star from London to Los Angeles. Aldus Snow, once an idol adored by millions, is a renowned musician aig for a grand comeback on the big stage. However, his excessive drinking and obsession with money have tainted his character to the point where any temptation could lead him down a treacherous path filled with jaw-clenching misadventures, blurring the boundaries of time itself. With the concert just three days away, Aron must ensure that Aldus takes the stage before the audience disperses.

To accomplish this seegly impossible task, Aron finds himself entangled with London's drug dealers, New York's thugs, and debauched dancers from Las Vegas. As he navigates through this chaotic web, Aron must confront the unexpected challenges and temptations that threaten to derail his mission.

Prepare for a wild and unpredictable ride as you join Aron Greenberg in the outrageous comedy Get Him To The Greek 3D. Download and immerse yourself in this uproarious adventure filled with eccentric characters, hilarious encounters, and unexpected twists. Witness the clash of personalities and the clash of worlds as Aron attempts to fulfill his duty and deliver Aldus to the Greek Theater against all odds.

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Resolution: 3840*1080px @ 32:9
Video Framerate: 23.976 fps
Audio: English: MLP FBA 16-ch @ 5128kb/s
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