How you can I download 3d movies in site?
You need register on Xubster.com please pay for the subscription. Download and enjoy. 

How many films can I download?
Within a month you can download 1 TB of movies.

Can I download movies for free?
Yes, but it will be at a low speed, to download at high you need to purchase a premium!

How you can I download 3d movies in site?
You must select a movie - go to the movie page - click the DOWNLOAD button - go to the service xubster.com - To download a movie

Is there a price for each movie?
No, a subscription is purchased for all films located on our website, as well as on the entire xubster.com service

Do I need high speed internet to download from your site?
Yes, for normal movie download you need high speed internet

What is the quality of these 3D movies?
Each 3d movie file from the original Blu-ray disc is only in a reduced size, especially for mobile phones. 1080p quality

How watch 3d sbs movies?
You can download the movie from our website and watch it on your phone. You can also use devices for various virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive or Smartphone (Google Cardboard).

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