To the Arctic 3D SBS 2012

To the Arctic 3D SBS 2012

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    Greg MacGillivray
Cast - Meryl Streep, Leanne Allison, Karsten Heuer, Bjorne Kvernmo, Simon Qamanirq

Film 3d sbs description

An extraordinary journey to the ends of the earth, the new IMAX film Arctic 3D tells the story of the love of life and the struggle for survival. The original version of the film features the voiceover of three-time Oscar winner actress Meryl Streep.
We are going to the Arctic in the company of a polar bear and her two cubs. change those who come to the Arctic desert force them to go deep into the continent to find a safe place to live. The fascinating adventures of the bear family against the backdrop of melting snow, ancient glaciers, huge waterfalls and majestic snow-capped peaks will help you get to know these amazing and brave animals better in the documentary To the Arctic 3d sbs. 

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