The Maze 3D SBS 1953

The Maze 3D SBS 1953

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    5.5 GB
  • Genre:
    Horror SBS
  • Duration:
    1h 20 min
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  • Producer:
    William Cameron Menzies

Film 3D sbs description

Immediately after the engagement with the beauty Kitty, Gerald receives a letter asking him to come to his ancestral Scottish castle. Gerald leaves and disappears for a few weeks. After a while, he still makes himself felt — he sends Kitty a letter in which he informs about the breakup of the engagement and asks her to forget about him. Kitty, however, does not give up — in the company of her aunt, she flies to Scotland, finds the same castle and discovers that during this time Gerald has aged terribly and turned into a real paranoid. Is it possible that the creepy stone maze located next to the castle is somehow connected with all this? Download and watch "The Maze" 3d sbs.

Info Blu Ray half sbs 1920*1080p

Video: x264 abr @ 15.5 Mb/s
Resolution: 1920*1080px @ 16:9
Video Framerate: 23.976 fps
Audio: English: MLP FBA 16-ch @ 5128kb/s
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Download 3D SBS - 5.5 GB
download 3d sbs movies

Download 3D SBS - 5.5 GB
download 3d sbs movies
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